Monthly meetings

6.45pm for 7pm.
Light refreshments available, gold coin donation appreciated.

Meeting dates for 2019

We meet on the 2nd Monday of each month, February to November inclusive, at 7pm.   Meetings close by 8.30pm.

Venue: Catherine Gray Hall, 211 Wellington Street, Ormiston, 4160. (Entrance is beside Anglican Church in Wellington Street before the corner of Ivory Lane)

Volunteer for island working bees

Lend a hand to help maintain the buildings and surrounding environment.  This is currently the only way to stay overnight at the Lazaret with time to spend appreciating the island.

Available only to FOPIA members, one working bee weekend is scheduled per month, subject to weather conditions.  We travel by ferry to One Mile on Stradbroke Island and then by small Parks boat to Peel.  Space is restricted to 6 volunteers.

Contact  for details on space, transport and other arrangements.

Book for sale

Going to the GumsFOPIA's book "Going to the Gums...the Lazaret on Peel Island" received a Silver Governor's Heritage Award from the National Trust of Queensland.

Thanks to a Q150 Community Grant for $10,000 and further support from the Queensland Heritage Council, FOPIA was able to publish the book titled "Going to the Gums...".  It is based on the exhibition of the same name held in 2007 to commemorate the Centenary of the Lazaret.  

The book contains information on the patients, staff, treatment, buildings and closure of the lazaret.  A brief Peel Island Coloured Patients and Houseshistory of Leprosy has also been provided by Dr Hugo Ree.

Edited by FOPIA members Tracy Ryan, the late Rhonda Bryce and Gabrielle van Willigen, this book will contribute to the public's awareness of the Lazaret and the lasting impacts Hansen's Disease and the health policies of the 20th century had on patients and their families.

The book was launched on the 24th Feburary 2009 by Her Excellency, Ms Penelope Wensley, AO, at the Redcliffe Museum.  This was also the venue for FOPIA's travelling exhibition "Going to the Gums...".

Copies of the book (88 pages, full colour) are available directly from FOPIA and at Fort Lytton National Park.

Price includes postage and handling: FOPIA members $18.00 including postage | Non-members $26.95.

Available by contacting FOPIA at

  Download "Going to the Gums..." Order Form


2011 Events

  • 2 August - rededicaiton of newly refurbished Catholic Church
  • Boat trip fundraiser to Russell Island, with visit to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands Museum a highlight

Bishop Joseph Oudeman and Fr Frank O'Dea rededicating the churchRefurbished inside of churchVisiting the Southern Moreton Bay Islands Museum

2010 Events

2008 Events

  • Beach landing on Peel IslandLazaret families visit Peel
  • Boat trip fundraiser

2007 Events

  • Centenary of Lazaret opening
    - Talk by Mrs Gabriel at the Queensland Museum
    - Opening of the exhibition "Going to the Gums..." at the Redland Museum
  • Wildflower tour on Stradbroke Island
  • CRL $11,000 Grant for carvings


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